Monday, August 1, 2011

Please may i have some more?

!"We are from the Goverment and we are hear to help."Thorugh a mega phone the Imperial agent announces in a pompus tone.
More work with the Pigments.I can;t stop and i won't stop.I will put this stuff on every Tank and truck i have.Mabye i went over be it.needs a power washing!

Russ/recovery unit.

Hello,this is my paint droor.Also my bank account.

If you want to light fires...light them with custom madball lighters?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I really like working with the powder pigments...i also messed with some enamel wethering effects.All came out rather well i.m.o..

Working on some rusting teck as well.

I have rocked these dvds a few times now....very helpfule.If you find them and can afford them pic em up.Invaluable info on advanced teck with enamels etc.

bad pic whats new>lol
Just got that cross tattooed on me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dust you say?

Pigments pigments pigments ohh my.Enter into a world of dust."Well i don't want to run around the neigborhood in my undies and a cape?"No, not that kind of dust silly...Just say NO.But say yes to ak and vallejo pigments.

W.I.P...You will be painted.I also have to fix the melta gun some how.Like a total jack A$$ i super glued the melta on upside down.Again like a total jack A$$ i  .5 oz to do it because it wont budge.I will think of something or another.I f you have any Ideas.....let it be known please.Could always use the input.

Got some new jams this weekend.Palehorse played some shows in the mid west this weekend.First was in detroit.The motor city.With the almighty Ringworm.The we played Summer of Hate in clevo.That show was a banger!

Along the way i scored thes gems.Both band are heavy as Iron,no joke.Dudes in Lifeless are my boys and im so happy to see them playing in a sick band.I see big things in the future for them.Awesome band,great guys and the right work ethic.

Harms Way
Harms way are like satanic straight edge?cool?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Destroyer Tank Hunter!SteelLegion Commissar!

So This is it?Destroyer Tank Hunter!Word Up.What do you think of the pigments?First time i really messed with them.I think it came out ok.I have only a limited palet right now.Can't wait to get more!ASAP.

The base is not done yet...Stay Tuned!

Love This man!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

mk6 redux

First...I am very sorry for the last post.the pics i took were junK.Again this is a mk 6 Space Marine.Straight from the box set.

My Girl scored this little bit of gold at the flee market.Will cut her down and glue it to a tank.Personal markings.Love my Girl.I'm very lucky.Its a two headed masonic eagle.Ohhh i ment a imperial Eagle.Sh!t the know i know!

Fun fun fun