Monday, May 16, 2011

All fixed and back in buisness plus General Armacoastani,W.I.P.ETC ETC ETC

General Armacoastani.Ok i took dudes head off and replaced it with a skull.I sculpted the hose and respirator.It did not come out to shabby.The paint job is cool.Came out more soviet than i be It.One day I'll paint the yellow something new?

he looks crabby.

Added the backpack

Using a frame as a base for my Hunter Tank destroyer.The first time I've done something like this.I plan on trying something more elaborate with a trench scene or something filled with warhammer drama!

This is the destroyer!She is bound for glory.I made sure to include books in the back ground for the Son of Tauras.(hope it's not a repeat.)I am going to put my all i to this sucker.I hope to add all my tricks plus some and i have to say doing this blog has made the hobby even more enjoyable.thank you!

Scored these two dudes on ebay the other week.So psyched!so psyched so psyched!Have been looking for years and finally pulled the plug.paid about 17.50 each with shipping and tax.worth every penny.

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This is an awesome band called Steel Nation!Great hard band!Palehorse played with them twice a few weekends ago.They were killer live.The drummer is my boy but i had never meet the other dudes and i got a chance guys.I hope to play with again with them one day.

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  1. Oooh, books! ;-) You can actually piece my name together from those shots. Hmm.

    Good work on the Yarrick. Good job getting the head out and the hat back on!

    If you have any other Steel Legion fig needs drop me a line; I may be able to help out.