Saturday, May 28, 2011

A small and crazy world!

        Life just seems to be spinning around at 1000 mph.Holy Mother of Mary.My war torn world of warhammer has been in limbo for a few now.Poor Old guys Must be board.Ohh well enough crap.

      The other weekend my band played a show in North Carolina.My friend Scotty P does a Music fest and all the loot goes to Breast Cancer Charity.Very good cause and its called breast fest!Turned out to be a great show!Made some great memories with death threat,Saw so many Old friends and made a bunch of new ones as well.

    Among the new friends i made was a Genitalman named Michael Lugo.Cool dude.Talked bands and guns with him for a while along with your normal parking lot situation chatter.In the end we exchanged numbers and have since kept in touch.

  To make a long story short i did a Internet radio show a while back and talked about The infamous Bolt thrower Along with a flurry of other topics.Michel listened to the show from fdr records and today we spoke about not only Bolt Thrower but how he has won several GOLDEN DEMON AWARDS.Not Only has hes won the prestigious Gold demon he has also in white dwarf .number 327

   Well i really don't know whats to say but amazed.simply amazed.
Check out his band.
Check out the tattoo shop

some of michael lugo's work.

More of Michael lugo's work

flyer for this past years fest

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