Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OOOOOOH snap.I broke my computer #$@%$#

So i did not paint this sick looking dude.I wish i did. But one day I'm going to bite the hell out of it!The Pale Assasin.

 Ok the other day i broke my computer.I can't put the chip from my camera in. @%#$!* .I will get it fixed asap.......so i went through my desk top pics.Slim pickings.Not much mostly, band stuff.The assassin was the only warhammer thing i saved..Hats off to who ever painted him.

 So this is a collection of flyer's from shows Palehorse has played over the years.The Death Threat Flyers is from this weekend.Cool show awesome artwork!!I jacked a poster of it hanging at the club.good score!

This is an old one from our second u.s. tour
This show with blood for blood is coming up and i am stoked for it.All great bands playing.The one below was from a show in bridgeport Connecticut!
Some more live shots.Most of these are a bit older.
That's Dave he plays guitar in Palehorse and is one of my old Buddy's..we played football together in like 5th and 6th grade.My boy.
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My boy rod did that...hes cool.That looks sick.Two gorgeous ar15s jacked up  and a sig i think on one of our tee shirts.Let freedom ring with a gun shot!I'm sorry for the mish mosh of pics.I'm hoping i will get fixed soon because the work bench is full and i can't wait to share it with yo guys.New logo!!!!!!!!!Black metal.

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