Friday, April 29, 2011

Leman Russ.Unit 419

Leman Russ     One of the best things to come from blogging is touching up everything!.The camera tell no lies.Theirs no where to run theirs no where to hide.So as we go along, i pick a unit out of the motor pool and give her a good over haul.

     Some of my tanks etc were painted well over 5 years ago.Its time they got the T.L.C.they needed.This one is not well over five years old but i'll tell you what the paint job before i touched her up was shot.I really took a lot of short cuts.Again thank you blog for helping me get better!

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  1. Hey, didn't see an email so I'll put it here: nominated you for a "Stlyish Blogger Award" - basically a blog version of a feel good chain letter ;-). Details at my site.