Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Havoc scout trucks...I'll have another?S.O.I.A.

I saw this band Sick of it All for the first time when this record came out.Amazing show!Quicksand and Orange 9mm also played.I must have been about 16 or so.Lucky little guy i was.Sick of it All kings of NyXHc or some would say.One of the first hardcore band i ever herd.

It had been years since is I spun this plastic.I thought i hated it?Boy i was wrong.Its a ripper.Its a Wonder what a few year will do.

Number 3....Well number 45.but number 3 in the squad.Shes a little different from the other two....more armor.heaver.I hope u like.

re-painted the windshield.

Will be used as salamanders or sentinels.Very happy with how they can out.The 4x4 have an easier time keeping up with the speed of the armor.On and off road the havoc's can stay one step ahead of the pack.For the Empire!For the Emporor!

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