Saturday, May 28, 2011

A small and crazy world!

        Life just seems to be spinning around at 1000 mph.Holy Mother of Mary.My war torn world of warhammer has been in limbo for a few now.Poor Old guys Must be board.Ohh well enough crap.

      The other weekend my band played a show in North Carolina.My friend Scotty P does a Music fest and all the loot goes to Breast Cancer Charity.Very good cause and its called breast fest!Turned out to be a great show!Made some great memories with death threat,Saw so many Old friends and made a bunch of new ones as well.

    Among the new friends i made was a Genitalman named Michael Lugo.Cool dude.Talked bands and guns with him for a while along with your normal parking lot situation chatter.In the end we exchanged numbers and have since kept in touch.

  To make a long story short i did a Internet radio show a while back and talked about The infamous Bolt thrower Along with a flurry of other topics.Michel listened to the show from fdr records and today we spoke about not only Bolt Thrower but how he has won several GOLDEN DEMON AWARDS.Not Only has hes won the prestigious Gold demon he has also in white dwarf .number 327

   Well i really don't know whats to say but amazed.simply amazed.
Check out his band.
Check out the tattoo shop

some of michael lugo's work.

More of Michael lugo's work

flyer for this past years fest

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I posted this guy early on in my blogging carrier.Wanted to get some fresh ones of him with my newer camera skillz.ha Yeah right.So the 48th steel legion is a Specialized military/federalized police force.i have the fluff twisting through  my head and one faithful day i will get it all down.I kind of think of them as the east German Stazi but with tanks and other armor?Kicking in doors in the middle of the night and dragging people away.That's the daily operation.On the big field days they get to go out and displace whole populations.Suppress insurgency's and march whole planets to their deaths.On orders of Imperial decree that is.The SkullHead Division =police state.

In a way this is my command squad.


Will repaint this sucker on e day very of the best g.w. ever did.I think I'm going to paint him in troop colors/camo.What do you think?

Some old some new!

Monday, May 16, 2011

All fixed and back in buisness plus General Armacoastani,W.I.P.ETC ETC ETC

General Armacoastani.Ok i took dudes head off and replaced it with a skull.I sculpted the hose and respirator.It did not come out to shabby.The paint job is cool.Came out more soviet than i be It.One day I'll paint the yellow something new?

he looks crabby.

Added the backpack

Using a frame as a base for my Hunter Tank destroyer.The first time I've done something like this.I plan on trying something more elaborate with a trench scene or something filled with warhammer drama!

This is the destroyer!She is bound for glory.I made sure to include books in the back ground for the Son of Tauras.(hope it's not a repeat.)I am going to put my all i to this sucker.I hope to add all my tricks plus some and i have to say doing this blog has made the hobby even more enjoyable.thank you!

Scored these two dudes on ebay the other week.So psyched!so psyched so psyched!Have been looking for years and finally pulled the plug.paid about 17.50 each with shipping and tax.worth every penny.

Add caption
This is an awesome band called Steel Nation!Great hard band!Palehorse played with them twice a few weekends ago.They were killer live.The drummer is my boy but i had never meet the other dudes and i got a chance guys.I hope to play with again with them one day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OOOOOOH snap.I broke my computer #$@%$#

So i did not paint this sick looking dude.I wish i did. But one day I'm going to bite the hell out of it!The Pale Assasin.

 Ok the other day i broke my computer.I can't put the chip from my camera in. @%#$!* .I will get it fixed i went through my desk top pics.Slim pickings.Not much mostly, band stuff.The assassin was the only warhammer thing i saved..Hats off to who ever painted him.

 So this is a collection of flyer's from shows Palehorse has played over the years.The Death Threat Flyers is from this weekend.Cool show awesome artwork!!I jacked a poster of it hanging at the club.good score!

This is an old one from our second u.s. tour
This show with blood for blood is coming up and i am stoked for it.All great bands playing.The one below was from a show in bridgeport Connecticut!
Some more live shots.Most of these are a bit older.
That's Dave he plays guitar in Palehorse and is one of my old Buddy's..we played football together in like 5th and 6th grade.My boy.
Nike Air max 95
My boy rod did that...hes cool.That looks sick.Two gorgeous ar15s jacked up  and a sig i think on one of our tee shirts.Let freedom ring with a gun shot!I'm sorry for the mish mosh of pics.I'm hoping i will get fixed soon because the work bench is full and i can't wait to share it with yo guys.New logo!!!!!!!!!Black metal.