Friday, April 29, 2011

Leman Russ.Unit 419

Leman Russ     One of the best things to come from blogging is touching up everything!.The camera tell no lies.Theirs no where to run theirs no where to hide.So as we go along, i pick a unit out of the motor pool and give her a good over haul.

     Some of my tanks etc were painted well over 5 years ago.Its time they got the T.L.C.they needed.This one is not well over five years old but i'll tell you what the paint job before i touched her up was shot.I really took a lot of short cuts.Again thank you blog for helping me get better!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Havoc scout trucks...I'll have another?S.O.I.A.

I saw this band Sick of it All for the first time when this record came out.Amazing show!Quicksand and Orange 9mm also played.I must have been about 16 or so.Lucky little guy i was.Sick of it All kings of NyXHc or some would say.One of the first hardcore band i ever herd.

It had been years since is I spun this plastic.I thought i hated it?Boy i was wrong.Its a ripper.Its a Wonder what a few year will do.

Number 3....Well number 45.but number 3 in the squad.Shes a little different from the other two....more armor.heaver.I hope u like.

re-painted the windshield.

Will be used as salamanders or sentinels.Very happy with how they can out.The 4x4 have an easier time keeping up with the speed of the armor.On and off road the havoc's can stay one step ahead of the pack.For the Empire!For the Emporor!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have not done jack with the war torn world of warhammer.I guess I'm lying, added some Unit number to some of my russes.Other than that my band played last night.Was a good time! Dave looks mean.

s13 and unit 419
notice the numbers!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

W.I.P.Scout trucks and oh yeah integrity kills!4/26/2011

Added somed unit marking and decal on the the two Havoc scout trucks...Decals are fun.wish i had more.Also redoing the guns on the turret.Will be much cleaner then old way.
Police Department..A.P.D.

thinking about painting the wheels white?

Started the first layering of the paint chipping away..Very blur windshield.going to try a new way to hi light it.I hope it works out.we shall see.
2 of the havoc scout trucks I've been working on.did this on Thursday night,Than on Friday i shipped out to Cleveland,Ohio with my band Palehorse.Clevos hardcore scene is on the up and up for sure ans THE SHOW WAS A STRAIGHT RIPPER.Hoping i will find some live pic's on line soon.if i spot em ill post them.

Palehorse CTXHC with Search Bloc OHXSE.Some of the dudes we met this weekend.Awesome fucking guys and Search bloc is a  really nasty straight edge band.If you like clevo hc like one life crew,Face Value or Confront then you have to check them out.Really, hard as nails
Integrity 7''.with all of their handcox on it.pretty sick gift!Thanks Anthony.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is a dldproduction komando apc.Cool little company out of c.a.Check them out the wedsite is I painted this about five years ago or so.At the time boy was i proud!Not somuch any more.Please don't get me wrong i love the a94.i think i did a good job but you know how it is.Today i took a few hours to touch her up and fine tune a few things and added a few decals.All in all I;m very happy i put the time in!
     The company dld has someother great kits.One day when the wallets full i'll attack the wesite and take a bunch more stuff.Its always good to try and hook up the little him and the country a favor and spend some fiat with him!

Again with the craft store numbers!

I hate the s.i will re-do it one day.make it more steel legion.