Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wrecking Crew!W.I.P.and Records I'm rockin

oK.4 OLD SCHOOL OGRYNS.The Wrecking Crew.The Boys.I had a lot of fun working on this squad.I think the head swap came out great on Mike!Wish the tattoos came out it goes.I'll get it next time.I have a squad of 5 new style ogryn on the work yeah
The wrecking Crew!In Your Face.

Also been giving this Chimera a lot of t.l.c.this week.It s comming out way sweeter than i expected.I'm syked on the flag on the back of the hull(Please don't bomb me iceman).Just need to figure out a way to make it looked tied down.Any Ideas????Please.Think i might use floss?spray paint a few strands brown as rope?
notice the numbers!
I got the numbers at a local craft store.It was a big box corprate one at that..maybe Michale's?They look pretty dam cool if you ask me!Easy and inexpensive.Maybe 2.99$I plan on doing all of my armor with them at some point.Check it check it!

In my other life and for a long long time records have been a addiction for the green stuff.Yes vinyl.Cant get enough of it.So this week the turn table has been spinnin this jammer!
Awesome old hardcore bands!I had a tape copy of this when i was a kid.Way better to have the lp.The wrecking crew favorite band Wrecking crew.The other bands on the comp are Token  Entry,Rest in Pieces and No for an Answer!.sick

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  1. The Wrecking Crew look like some tough hombres. Look forward to the other squad of newer guys too.

    Maybe dye some string (probably sufficient to put in some watered down paint)? Or if you have those tow cable accessories could cut those up. Some cheap fine link chain draped over could work too.