Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is a dldproduction komando apc.Cool little company out of c.a.Check them out the wedsite is I painted this about five years ago or so.At the time boy was i proud!Not somuch any more.Please don't get me wrong i love the a94.i think i did a good job but you know how it is.Today i took a few hours to touch her up and fine tune a few things and added a few decals.All in all I;m very happy i put the time in!
     The company dld has someother great kits.One day when the wallets full i'll attack the wesite and take a bunch more stuff.Its always good to try and hook up the little him and the country a favor and spend some fiat with him!

Again with the craft store numbers!

I hate the s.i will re-do it one day.make it more steel legion.


  1. Very nice looking vehicle. What do you plan for it to "count as"

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  3. Chimera.Dld makes one with a turret and that would be a much better fit.

    I don't play much warhammer these days so she don't see much action.

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