Monday, July 11, 2011

Dust you say?

Pigments pigments pigments ohh my.Enter into a world of dust."Well i don't want to run around the neigborhood in my undies and a cape?"No, not that kind of dust silly...Just say NO.But say yes to ak and vallejo pigments.

W.I.P...You will be painted.I also have to fix the melta gun some how.Like a total jack A$$ i super glued the melta on upside down.Again like a total jack A$$ i  .5 oz to do it because it wont budge.I will think of something or another.I f you have any Ideas.....let it be known please.Could always use the input.

Got some new jams this weekend.Palehorse played some shows in the mid west this weekend.First was in detroit.The motor city.With the almighty Ringworm.The we played Summer of Hate in clevo.That show was a banger!

Along the way i scored thes gems.Both band are heavy as Iron,no joke.Dudes in Lifeless are my boys and im so happy to see them playing in a sick band.I see big things in the future for them.Awesome band,great guys and the right work ethic.

Harms Way
Harms way are like satanic straight edge?cool?

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  1. For the multimelta, maybe you could cut off the cable and reattach it on the new bottom?

    Or..cut the cables off of both, so they look the same?

    Or..flip the other one over to match?

    Acetone (like in nail polish remover) can weaken superglue. Dab a little bit on with a q-tip and see if you can work it loose. I don't think it's nice to plastic long-term, so try not to leave it on for too long.

    Good luck!