Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Warhammer my VERY cool friends ask?Part One.

    Ok the years was like  1990 or 1991.Going to the ces pool we call the mall was the cool spot to hang out.Making the ritualistic journey to the heavy Metal slinger called Tape world or record Town or something.Looking for my fix.(u be that analog sucka ha).I was to poor and to young at the time to have c.d.player and this way before mp3s or downloading music to the i was way into tapes.

    For hours and hours i would stair at  the insane artwork of the bands.Skulls,demons,doom,gloom,hell,nukes,666,Satan,corpses,zombies and whatever your worst nightmares could conjure up.Insane.Sometimes i can't believe my parents would let me get the stuff.Moving on to the faithful day is saw the cover of  Bolt Throwers Realm of Chaos.....Holy Sh!t.Is all i could say.what are these guys.who are they...they look like they could kick the sh!t out of my GI joes.I was blown away and had to hear the band!Sick death metal and not about Satan but about cool.20 years later i still love the band and get goose bumps when i think about the intro to World Eater.

          As a product of growing up in the 90s i was into comics. Every kid was at one point I think..That's a whole other beast and web site. But if u know Warhammer 4ok or any other table top games you  know comic books as well .Just saying.The two go hand and hand. Like a married couple.Dorkville.Well low and behold a new comic store had opened only a few miles from my house.The Lions Den."Awesome ,please dad can we go!"Soon after i was walking through the door of the store!

        Cool place kind small no surprise but not a lot of comics?5 boxes?I don't think they even had new issues?A Giant green table?It 's kinda foggy.I had a small problem my father had dropped me off.I was stuck.At the time The amazing spiderman was my sh!t.Working painstakingly to collect all 337 issues or something.What was i thinking the first issue was like 2 billion dollars.Five seconds later i was done flipping through the week back stock.

        Now i had played D and D a few times with my brother Chris.Kinda whack.My bro..same thing.just not into it.Having looked though the crusty old boxes ten times over i had no other choice.Ohh well.Little did i know that Gods hand was guiding me to my destiny.Off Too the roll playing section to look at books i didn't understand or rules i didn't get.(i know I'm kinda stupid).


Wow!!!!!What the hell is this?The Bolt Thrower dudes?Ohh my god that's a lot of money.Had to come up with something!and quick.To be counted.

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